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At any time, one in ten employees is likely to be affected by a bereavement. However, the number of employees impacted by other types of loss  - e.g. divorce, illness, children leaving home, retirement or house move - will be much higher. Grief is associated with any type of loss and it impacts people in many different ways, resulting in wide-ranging responses in the workplace.

As the importance of employee wellbeing continues to gain ground as an essential part of an organisation’s HR strategy, so is the need for a more compassionate approach to supporting employees who are grieving.

Running grief workshop(s) for managers and/or employees will help to build up organisational understanding of how to better support grieving employees, with the dual aim of enhancing employee wellbeing and helping to maximise employee motivation and engagement.

What happens?

Workshop(s) can be run either virtually or in person and are designed to be as interactive as possible through the use of anonymous polls and also through question and answer sessions.

The workshop(s) will cover the following areas: 

  • why people grieve;

  • the evolution of grief and grief around the world;

  • how people grieve;

  • theories of grief;

  • how grief can manifest at work;

  • how grief is often dealt with at work;

  • what colleagues can do to support someone who is grieving; and

  • additional resources.

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