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Grief is a human process. We experience it as a result of death or another 'living loss', like a relationship break-up, an illness, a house move or a change of job. Despite grief being so widespread, people often feel very isolated when grieving and many also have the feeling that they are getting grief wrong in some way.

My 10+ years of working as a grief therapist have shown me that everyone grieves in a different way because grief is as individual as they are.

As a BACP Senior Accredited Therapist specialising in grief with a 20+ year business consultant background, I support both individuals and organisations to deal with grief through:

Personal therapy

Through either online or face to face sessions from my room in central Oxford, I can help you to navigate your grief. 

Organisation grief workshops

Through either online or face to face sessions with managers and/or employees, I can help to build up organisational understanding of how to better support grieving employees, with the dual aim of enhancing employee wellbeing and helping to maximise employee motivation and engagement. 

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